Welcome to Frozen Walrus Finance, a seigniorage protocol that aims to be a one stop shop for long term sustainable yields!
$WLRS & $WSHARE Token Icons

What is our goal?

The goal of this project is to give people a safe, sustainable farming protocol that works with long term vision, exciting new features and educational materials that aim to garner a large group of collective educated investors. We aim to make the $WLRS token something that people will buy regardless of knowing of the underlying seigniorage protocol, giving the token terminal utility and a future to stand on it's own!
It is also important to know, we are not trying to attract people with high APR or extremely unsustainable yields. This is a long term project with extremely rewarding yields for the average investor. We plan on doing things different so that you can sustain an ever growing portfolio here at Frozen Walrus with many benefits to holding our tokens.
Please take time to read through our extensive documentation to educate yourself on how to best invest into the Frozen Walrus Ecosystem!