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An overview of goals that the Frozen Walrus team is working towards over the next year


  • WhatTheFork Listing
  • TombRaiders Sponsor
  • DeBank Listing
  • AutoCompounder listing
    • Magik.Finance
    • YieldWolf
  • DefiLama Listing
  • UI/UX Redesign
  • Airdrop for Node Holders
  • Strategy page
  • LP Nodes
  • Multi-Peg same share


  • NFT collection
  • veWLRS
  • Native AutoCompounder
  • Merch Store
  • Educational Video Series


  • CrossChain $WLRS
  • Trading Card Game
    • Details revealed very soon
  • Partnerships/Launchpad
  • Slot/Casino

Q1 2023

  • Collateralized leveraging platform
  • WLRS/WSHARE staking for stablecoins/other rewards
Please note the timelines on this sheet may be adjusted, changed, or deleted. We have goals to add additional goals in the short term and can be seen on the website!
Any and all changes will be announced in our Social channels.