Voting is extremely essential to Frozen Walrus. Some of the scheduled weekly voting can be viewed below.

Snapshot Voting

Snapshot voting is a way for true DAO's to allow current holders of their coins to be able to have a voice in the say of large decisions done by the project. We plan on implementing Snapshot voting within weeks of release of Walrus. The most important thing to know is that the only coins used in a vote are current STAKED WSHARES in the boardroom.
You can think of these examples as ways for us to use Snapshot in the future:
  • Changing allocations to increase/decrease APR's.
  • Large treasury investments to make sure that our treasury is working for us

NFT Giveaway

We will be doing bi-weekly voting for a selection of "blue-chip" NFT's in the AVAX ecosystem and potentially other's as well. Once the vote concludes the treasury will make a purchase of one of these assets and give it away to one of the wallets that voted in the proposal!
This should further incentivize keeping your shares locked into the boardroom and have great exposure to NFT communities as we try and work our way in their communities for cross-promotion.
We will look to be purchasing medium to high tier NFT's each time so they should hold significant value!
More to come...