The Boardroom can be thought of as locked single staking. You are locking supply of the governance token $WSHARE for a piece of each expansion epoch as a share provider.

Frozen Walrus BoardRoom Mechanics

Epoch duration: 6 hours

Deposits/withdrawal of $WSHARE into/from the boardroom will lock $WSHARE for 4 epochs and $WLRS rewards for 2 epochs. Claiming $WLRS reweards will lock staked $WSHARE for 4 epochs and the next $WLRS rewards can only be claimed 2 epochs later.

Distribution of WLRS

We have changed the normal model of distribution of WLRS through the Boardroom per epoch. We have made these changes to give a heavier allocation to the DAO and insurance fund (which will be dedicated from the DAO to deploy in circumstances where we are below peg).
65% as Reward for Boardroom WSHARE Stakers 20% goes to DAO fund 10% goes to Insurance 5% goes to DEV fund

Dynamic Inflation

Frozen Walrus has dynamic inflation of WLRS in the boardroom. We have a sliding scale based on TWAP for inflation percentage per epoch. At 1.01 TWAP we will inflate at 1%, and at 3.0 TWAP or more ($WLRS at $3 or more) we will reach max expansion which can be viewed in the table below. It will increase and decreased based on TWAP(e.g. at TWAP 1.5 with max expansion at the time set to 3% we will see a print of 1.5%).
This dynamic inflation based on the TWAP was introduced because as is current in standard forks no matter what the TWAP is as long as it is above 1.01 it will print max expansion. The reason we have chosen to taper it is to control inflation on the front end with burn mechanics being implemented on the back end with other features to ensure we can reach an equilibrium daily of inflated supply to burnt supply.
This will come at a cost of lower Boardroom APR at some points but will heavily increase our chances at stability in the ecosystem.
It is important to know this feature and its current impact on the ecosystem will be monitored by the team and may be edited at any time to properly incentivize good behavior in Frozen Walrus.

Bootstrap Phase

  • Epoch Expansion: The first 20 epochs will be the bootstrap phase with a rate of 4% no matter what WLRS's price is.
  • After the bootstrap phase, current expansion cap base on WLRS supply, if there are bonds to be redeemed, 65% of minted WLRS goes to treasury until its sufficiently full to meet bond redemption. If there is no debt it will follow max capped expansion rate.
Below is a table of the expansion rate vs how many $WLRS are in total supply:
Total Circulating Supply
Max Expansion Rate