Frequently Asked Questions

Why peg to USDC.e?

The team made the decision to peg to USDC.e because:
  • We needed stability in the token we peg too, as after launch we will be getting closer to $1 and once we are close the impermanent loss risk is much lower.
  • USDC.e is backed by collateral of real world assets that can always be redeemed by the user for $1
  • You can read more about the issuer of USDC.e here.

Is the team DOXXED/KYC'ed?

Having been featured in multiple AMAs and YouTube interviews, I am completely doxxed to the DeFi community. Due to this, the rationale for getting a KYC is still being discussed. You may view my story on DaoKing's interview:
So what do I do with my FARMING/BOARDROOM rewards?
This is a free market and no one can tell you what to do with your rewards. The best suggestion I can give you is:
Always look to take healthy profits over time, but not all at once.
Everyone who does this in the ecosystem will increase their odds of long term sustainable yields. Re-investing your rewards into new LPs on the protocol will strengthen Frozen Walrus and the longevity of your daily rewards.

When will liquidity be added for $WLRS or $WSHARE from the team?

This is a common misconception for Tomb protocol launches. Liquidity is not normally added from the team, but by the investors through incentivized farm pools. These pools are what gives incentive for investors to LP $WLRS and $WSHARE to decrease volatility and happens shortly after farms go live. How much is dependent on the success of the launch, and farm APR's.