Avalanche C-Chain

$WLRS and $WSHARE are both Avalanche C-Chain ERC-20 tokens
If using Rabby, these chains are automatically added and can be filtered through each time you connect to a site. Check the bottom of the page for the official Rabby website to download.
Step 1. Metamask setup
  • Before being able to interact with the Frozen Walrus protocol, we first need to setup the Avalanche-C Chain network on Metamask.
  • In order to do so, please open your Metamask wallet and select network; Custom RPC. (See attached image below).
Step 2. Network setup
Click Save and you are ready to go!

TraderJoe - DEX

Trader Joe
This is where all liquidity is hosted for Frozen Walrus Assets
DexScreener - Charting
DEX Screener
This is the best place to view charts and contract

MetaMask for Chrome - Wallet

Direct Link to MetaMask for Chrome the most used browser wallet
Rabby - Alternative Wallet