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Adding to Liquidity Pools

Adding liquidity to Frozen Walrus Assets is one of the many ways to benefit from the protocol. In this section I will explain how to add assets to a Liquidity Pool in return you will receive LP tokens
Please make sure you read the glossary in full about LP here. This guide will assume that you have both assets to add to an LP beforehand. Once you add to a liquidity pool you receive LP tokens. Once you create or add to a liquidity pool, you receive LP tokens. These tokens represent the underlying assets and can be used in farming contracts. An example would be the Frozen Walrus farms that reward $WSHARE.
  • Go to the DEX that host the liquidity for the coins you are adding to. In this case it will be TraderJoe
Click Pool from the menu bar at the top.
  • In the search pool, search for the coin pair by typing in $WLRS or $USDC.e